Monday, August 22, 2016

Fraud ATM transaction with my atm card number, even ATM card was with us. How can I get money back?

Query: Brother in foreign is using axis bnk atm debit card. Got sms of withdrwl for 2 day in small amnts. Our card ws nt used still shwing our no in trnsction. 65000/- withdrwn. Complained in bnk but nt geting confident response. Wht are possible steps 2 recover money back.?


Recently a large number of frauds had taken place and are also taking place in automated teller machines.
This is very simple.
You might have used the debit card somewhere - automated teller machine or point of sale terminal with a business unit
In the case of automated teller machine, the miscreants attach a small attachment with the card insertion slot and it can be rarely seen from outside; however while inserting the card, the cardholder can find some difference - some jerk or some difficulty in inserting the card. The attachment captures all the data from the cards inserted.
The miscreant takes back the device and he decodes the message through one card reading machine and he is able to get the entire details just like a bank ledger.
He picks up the cards where more number of funds are available and duplicate cards are generated and using these cards they withdraw the money.
Your card will be at Chennai and the amount will be withdrawn at Cairo or Canberra. How this takes place? Of course, the software data is sold to foreign clients and they generate cards and take out the money.
Recently RBI had come out with clear instructions that commercial banks should pay the money withdrawn fraudulantly from the automated teller machines within three days from the date of receipt of complaint from the customer.
You have to complain and you should complain providing all the details.
And you should send a letter now itself because for non submission of the complaints within the stipulated time means - you are accepting the transaction. Go to RBI website and read their instructions in this connection.
I am providing herewith a format of letter for your use and fill up the details and submit the letter in person or by registered post or by speedpost.
You can also get the format from the following blog: OPEN WINDOW

You can contact me at my email id available at my profile page for further guidance in this connection

From:                                                                                                       Place:                      
Name …………………………………………... 
Address ………………………………………..
………………………………………………….. …
Contact Mobile No:


The Branch Manager,

Sub: My savings bank account Number:........................................... with you
With reference to my savings bank account number with your branch as mentioned above,  I regret to inform you that I had received SMS alerts informing me of cash withdrawals as per details as mentioned below even though I had not attempted to withdraw cash from any automated teller machines using my debit card and I furnish herebelow the details for your information so as to enable you to recredit the amount to my account:
Name of the account holder

Account Number

Debit/credit card number

Name of the bank and branch where the  account is maintained

Date of transaction

Transaction time

Transaction amount

Location of automated teller machine

ATM machine pertains to which (Bank/service provider)

Details of complaint
I had not at all used my debit card for withdrawing cash from the automated teller machines. The card is with my possession
In view of the circumstances as mentioned above, I request you to kindly arrange to re credit the amount to my account at the earliest.
Yours faithfully




Unknown said...


Did you Receive any resolution on this? Same thing has happened with me wherein someone has withdrawn 40k from my account and I had the possession of the card all the time.

Atom said...

Did you get the money?

honey said...

same thing happened with my mother, rs 33000 withdrawn, please do help, atm card was with us all the time and money was withdrawn from other city through atm.

Sush said...

I am in Mumbai and the money got withdrawn from Gurgaon, ATM card is with me. Finding no solutions, please help ..

Unknown said...

I am from himachal pardesh same thing was happened with my sister. On sat morning 3 feb 2018. 8000 rs was withdrawan by someone else, ATM card was with her and the money withdrawn out of the city somewhere (KHURSHID).our local police or bank don't helping us suggest me what to do. Sure it was a little amount but we scared that this will happen again. Help me what shall i can do

Priyanka Verma said...
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Priyanka Verma said...

Hello Sir, I couldn't find your e-mail id in your profile So, I'm writing here. Today same thing happened with my father. He went to an ATM to check balance. At first, machine was showing that ATM Pin is wrong but it worked after that. He pressed the cancel button before living. After few minutes, he received a message that 10,000 rs are withdrawn from ATM. I immediately blocked his debit card and filed a complaint. And asked my father to file FIR. But everybody is saying that you won't get your money. It happened with many people. Today is sunday so my father couldn't go to bank. I've filled the form above but when should we give this form to the bank. I know the bank manager of the bank and he is very rude and not helping at all. Can you help me further in this process. What should we be do if bank deny to credit the money? Thank you.

harsh Kumar said...

One week back, police visited my house saying that an FIR has been lodged against me that in my account 80000 rs got transferred from the complainant and I debited it from my sbi atm card.
Upon going to bank and enquiring I found it to be true but the atm card was with me the whole time. I reside in
Haryana and money was withdrawn at UP and delhi. Technically the complainant Money was transferred from her ATM card to my atm card number. Since mine was an old maestro 2009 card and I had not updated my new mobile number. Incident happened in November 2017 and now I got to know.Am in deep trouble and dying with guilt for not uddating my number and passbook. I filed a complaint with poolice but they told it's ur card number so it's obvious u have withdrawn that money. Bank informally said its a cloning case but didn't give any formal support. Please help

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